20 November 2007

Yippee! I got My Lensbaby 2.0

For the longest time I've been on the lookout for a Lensbaby in Pentax K mount. The local agent here simply doesn't bring in the Pentax mount versions for reasons best known to themselves. Well I happened to chance upon one online and in just under a week to was sitting on my desk. Thrilled to bits as I imagined all that wonderful Lensbaby images that many have posted online were now for the making.

The Lensbaby represents the antithesis of the modern method of taking pictures: with the emphasis on razor sharp definition, AF, autoexposure... in short to just aim and shoot. Using the Lensbaby calls for a healthy dose of deliberation, especially when we've become accustomed to auto everything photography. A quick familiarisation and I couldn't wait to try it out.

Well the first thing I noticed was that Shake Reduction didn't immediately work. OK no problem, a quick check with the camera manual and I had to set "FI with S lens used" to "available" in the custom menu.

The next thing was that Aperture Priority Auto Exposure was frequently inaccurate. Only later did I discover that I had to dial-in an additional +2 stops of exposure compensation to get the exposure right. This was confirmed when I later checked the Lensbaby web forum. That out of the way, the Lensbaby has been an absolute blast of fun. Definitely recommended.

I just discovered that I I have an add-on telephoto and wide angle supplementary lenses that fit the 37mm filter thread of the Lensbaby.Originally for portable camcorder use, they work perfectly. And my Pentax extension tubes work perfectly as well. So that should keep me busy in the coming days.

08 November 2007

Some B&W On The Run

With the year is coming to a close, I have had little time to shoot with the many work projects in hand. However I was fortunate enough to squeeze in some snaps during a recent client visit. The camera's handy size definitely allowed me to shoot unnoticed. All taken within a space of a few minutes. K100D with Pentax AF 35-70mm

Shot in the late afternoon, the bright golden light made for some nice silhouettes as people were rushing to leave the office blocks.

05 November 2007

From The Botanic Gardens

Went through a folder of images from a memory card that I have somehow forgotten about.
These were all taken at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. I've got fond memories of this place because I used to live very near to it and frequently jogged or took long walks on its grounds. Founded in 1859 by a horticultural society as a leisure garden, it's pretty near the city and I'll often drop in to take quick snaps whenever I get the chance.

Gazebo in falling light

K100D 70-210mm


K100D 70-210mm

Green moss

K100D 70-210mm

Wild Orchid

K100D 70-210mm


K100D 50mm Macro


K100D 50mm Macro