20 May 2010

The Pentax Denim Strap: YEEEEHAW!!!

Looking for a nondescript camera strap is often a difficult thing. Using the stock camera strap that comes with the camera is an exercise in brand promotion with the name of the camera brand prominently stitched in bold for all to see. If like me you want to go about carrying your camera without the camera brand or manufacturer's name calling for attention, it can be a pretty hard to search out for a strap that doesn't scream brand fanatic.

One option is to use one of the old nylon camera straps popular from 35mm film camera days but these straps begin to lose their allure pretty quickly when you find the increased weight from a long lens and a battery grip starts to weigh down on your shoulder or neck and worse, the thin strap doesn't grip very well on the shoulder.

Lucky for me I got another Pentax user friend who was going to Tokyo to pick up one of the "oh, so nice" Pentax Denim Strap from one of the Japanese camera stores. Just the right shade of denim blue, no big Pentax logo emblazoned or embroided on, just a small Pentax on a red tab (shades of Levis perhaps) and there is a nice grippy textured surface on the reverse side so it doesn't slip off the shoulder. It's not boring black and isn't too pricey. I just love it.

16 May 2010

Pentax May Outing: Helix Bridge

For our May Pentax outing we went to the new Helix Bridge, a new footbridge spanning the Singapore River. The shape of the twisted metal is supposed to represent the helix structure of DNA. All very nice but unfortunately I just think it is just a vanity project to beautify the skyline and to complement the new integrated resort (read casino).

Being very warm and sunny, it was a perfect day to shoot some IR images. Took this shot of the Singapore River using the DA 21mm Limited. An IR image that was converted to black and white.

For the actual photos of the bridge, I decided to use a pseudo high contrast HDR treatment to the images. Used the DA 10-17mm fisheye and the DFA 100mm Macro WR for the close-up.