29 December 2008

Some macros before the new year

With the year coming to an end, just wanted to post a couple of macro shots that I had taken recently. Would have shot more if not for the maddening little gusts of wind that makes focusing macro subjects an added challenge. I like the graphical nature of this silhouette where line predominates.

K20D Sigma 90mm f/2.8 Macro

On the opposite side of things, the delicate colors make these small flowers really stand out. Just like the color rendition from the Pentax macro.

K20D FA 100mm f/2.8 Macro

26 December 2008

New K20D Custom Grip

I had the rubber hand grip changed on my K20D recently and it definitely feels much better and more secure than the original one. With the stock rubber grip, grip pressure is more or less equal for the middle, ring and small fingers on the right hand.

In with the new...

I particularly like the finger cutouts for the middle and small finger on the new grip. The changes are subtle but I can already feel the difference, especially when holding the camera vertically. Again this is my personal experience, based on my average sized hands and making a direct comparison to the original.

The replaced rubber grip

The grip just takes a few minutes to change. It is possible to revert back to the original one but it requires the removal of the base plate. The infrared receiver is a little more recessed on the new grip but it works without any obstruction. Definitely adds a unique touch to an excellent camera.

Pentax Photo Outing Macros

We had our monthly Pentax photo outing just before Christmas. Being the last one for the year, it was to be a photo marathon that started in the morning at the Singapore Botanic Gardens and extending all the way to the evening at different locations around Singapore.

Unfortunately I could only join the group during the morning session of this photo blitz and managed to shoot some of these macro images. All images were shot with the Pentax K20D with a FA 100mm f/2.8 Macro either hand held or with my Mamiya carbon fiber monopod. It was a good time to catch up with my fellow Pentax shooters and to learn some of the different shooting tips and techniques used. All in all it was a thoroughly enjoyable time.

Here are some small creatures that I managed to shoot. All shots were taken with available light. For the photo of the little frog, Live View proved to be invaluable. I managed to stay clean and dry and more importantly, had I shot normally, I would have cast a shadow on the subject.

22 December 2008

Chow Kit B&W

I recently took a quick holiday trip to Kuala Lumpur with the family. Just a few minutes walk from the the hotel I stayed in there was a wet market where I took some of these shots with the K20D and the Sigma 17-70mm.

Dark alleyway

Busy, busy, busy...

14 December 2008

Storm Light

Took this image of an impending storm. A very simple shot but dramatic shot taken with the Sigma 17-70mm. This is a lens that I have found to be very versatile in focal range and the image quality is pretty good.

K20D Sigma 17-70mm

13 December 2008

Lost in her thoughts

A young lady looking intently on her mobile on the MRT train.

K20D FA 28mm

03 December 2008

Saturday morning shots

My weekends are usually quite busy but last week I had a chance to catch up with some friends over breakfast and briefly walked around a few blocks of the city on a Saturday morning taking some snaps. Managed to catch a few nice images with my infrared modded camera and the K20D with a few prime lenses.

K20D FA 135mm f/2.8

K20D FA 135mm f/2.8

Here I've used my IR camera and converted the image to a monochrome. I've used the DA 21mm as it is versatile as a location lens. Its small size attracts little attention and AF is fast that you can shoot quickly.

*ist DL2 DA 21mm f/3.2

*ist DL2 DA 21mm f/3.2

*ist DL2 DA 21mm f/3.2